What Is a Widget?
A widget adds content from one Web site to another. You can put National Geographic widgets on your personal Web spaces at Facebook, iGoogle, MySpace, Friendster, Live Spaces, Netvibes, Blogger, TypePad, Pageflakes and Freewebs.

To view these widgets, you need the Flash player. Download the free Flash player.

Screenshot of widget menu Screenshot of Widget 'Add to Facebook' menu

How can I put it on my page?
To put a widget on your page, click "GET THIS WIDGET" and a menu window will display. Click on the service (such as Facebook or iGoogle) where you have your personal Web space. Then follow the instructions to add the widget to your page. (Note: In order to add the widget to your social networking page, you'll be prompted to log in.)

Advanced users: Add the widget to your page by clicking "Embed" and copying the HTML code.

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